Tao Peng 彭韬

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Brief Introduction

Dr. Tao Peng received his PhD from Department of Education Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin in 2018. His research areas include educational philosophy and theory, moral education and comparative education.


Research Interests and Experience

Main research interests:

Interpretation and research of German pedagogical classics.

Comparison between Chinese and western educational theories.

Exploring the development of moral competency of adolescents and its relationship with teaching and learning in the school moral education.


Dr. Peng hosted his doctoral project in the Humboldt University of Berlin, supervised by Prof. Dr. Dietrich Benner. This project is linked to the research project “ETiK-International-Shanghai”, in which Dr. Peng worked as a full-time staff in the project group.


Representative Publications


彭韬,林凌.(2018). 赫尔巴特的性格形成理论研究:基于教育学与伦理学相互关系的视角 (A Study of Herbart’s Theory of Charakterbildung: Interaction between Pedagogy and Ethic). 华东师范大学学报(教育科学版), (6), 69-77.

彭韬,林凌.(2018). 教育机智:赫尔巴特的实践智慧及其历史意蕴 (Pedagogical Tact: Herbart’s Practical Wisdom and its Historical Implication). 全球教育展望,47 (6), 89-100.

彭韬,底特利希·本纳.(2017).现代教育自身逻辑的问题史反思 (A Problem-historical Reflection on the Own Logic of Modern Education). 北京大学教育评论, 15(3), 109-122.

林凌,彭韬.(2017).赫尔巴特普通教育学理论体系研究 (A Study of Herbart’s Theoretical System of General Pedagogy). 全球教育展望, 46 (7), 100-113.



Peng, Tao (2018). Ethisch-moralische Kompetenzmessungen in China. Eine vergleichende Studie im Rahmen des Projekts ETiK-International-Shanghai. Münster: Lit-Verlag.


Conference Papers

Peng, T. (2018). ETiK-International-Shanghai: Konstruktion neuer, auf den chinesischen Kontext zugeschnittener Aufgaben zur ethisch-moralischen Kompetenzmessung. In: Benner, Dietrich; Meyer, Hilbert; Peng, Zhengmei; Li, Zhengtao (Hrsg): Beiträge zum chinesisch-deutschen Didaktik-Dialog. S. 161-178. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt.

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