Yuchen Shi 石雨晨

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E-mail: ycshi@dedu.ecnu.edu.cn


Brief Introduction

I completed my doctoral degree at Teachers College, Columbia University in 2018 and obtained my Master’s degree at Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2013. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Minnesota. Being in the United States for many years afford me some unique perspective but make me eager to return to my home country and conduct research here. Joining the postdoctoral program at ECNU has been one of the wisest decisions I have made, as the experience so far has been one that is profoundly pleasant and enriching.


Research Interests and Experience

My research interests focus on the intersection of cognitive development and curriculum design. Specifically, I conduct classroom research to investigate ways to design better curriculum to facilitate the learning and development of young adolescents, with special focus on promoting thinking, writing, and collaboration skills among these individuals.


Representative Publications


Hemberger, L., Kuhn, D., Matos, F., & Shi, Y. (2017). A dialogic path to evidence-based argumentive writing. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 26 (4), 575 – 607.

Iordanou, K., Kuhn, D., Matos, F., Shi, Y., & Hemberger, L. (In press). Learning by Arguing. Learning and Instruction.

Shi, Y., Matos, F., Kuhn, D. (In press). Dialog as a bridge to argumentive writing. Journal of Writing Research.  


Conference Presentations

Shi, Y. (2018, September). Learn by arguing. Paper presented at European Association for Learning and Instruction (EARLI) conference. Jerusalem, Israel.


Shi, Y. (2018, April). Dialog as a bridge to argumentive writing. Poster presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA), New York, NY.


Shi, Y., & Matos, F. (2017, January). Arguing from evidence – How middle schoolers select, use and recall evidence. Paper presented at Subway Summit Conference on Cognition and Education Research. Fordham University, New York, NY.


Shi, Y. (2016, August). Analysis of 6th grade students’ use of mixed evidence in argumentative dialogues. Paper presented at European Association for Learning and Instruction EARLI Conference. Ghent, Belgium.


Shi, Y. (2013, April). Discussion vs. Debate: Comparing the dynamics of language and thinking in two 6th grade classrooms. Paper presented at annual Harvard Student Research Conference. Cambridge, MA

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