College of Educational Assessment

2017-09-24  |   142 views

Basic Information:

The primary mission for the College of Educational Assessment (CEA) in East China Normal University (ECNU) is related to conducting scientific research and offering social service in the field of educational assessment and evaluation. Also, in order to guarantee a sustainable development for the scientific research on educational assessment and evaluation in China, the CEA will cultivate a certain number of potential Master students or PhD students in the future.

Development Goals:

  1. To be the leader of educational assessment and evaluation:

    As the first academic institution focusing on education assessment and evaluation, the CEA will play a leading role in the field through learning from activities and experiences from domestic or oversea experts and making breakthrough in research on education quality evaluation in China. Within 5 to 10 years, the CEA will develop education quality standards, related assessment instruments, and evaluation proposals, so as to lead the way of promoting quality of basic education in China.


  2. To be the explorer for educational assessment service:

    Currently, there is a strong need in assessment service from educational administrations in different regions in China. Based on our research on education quality standards and related assessment instruments, the CEA will actively provide certain professional services, including offering diagnostic services for student achievement and school management, helping schools construct a fine vision on educational quality, and promoting the development of basic education in China.

  1. To be the innovator in the interactive system connecting college research and social services:

    By conducting scientific studies and social services above, the CEA will be devoted to the interactive system connecting college research and social services, in order to bolster the efficiency of transforming academic results into practical products which can make great social progress.

Primary Tasks:

Given the current development goals of the CEA, primary tasks within 3 to 5 years will consist of:

  1. Developing a set of quality assessment standards for compulsory education in China;
  2. Proposing related educational assessment plans for local compulsory education in China
  3. Conducting diagnostic evaluations for regional education quality in China, and revealing annual reports on regional compulsory education progress;
  4. Exploiting the instrument to evaluate the school quality, and providing consulting services for schools in different regions.

The long-term goal is to apply our services and studies to all stages of basic education in different regions in China within 5 to 10 years.