Department of Curriculum and Instruction

2017-09-24  |   245 views

Established in 1999, the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction (ICI), at the East China Normal University, Shanghai, is a nationally renowned research institute and think tank designated by the Ministry of Education, China. The ICI focuses on research projects and activities related to curriculum development and policies, instructional design, curriculum evaluation and policy analysis, and teachers’ professional development.

During the past two decades, ICI has been the primary research institute that pioneers and promotes the nationwide curriculum reform. With several faculties serving in the national committees of curriculum and textbooks, ICI Initiated and drafted “the Guideline of National K-12 Curriculum Reform” (Announced in 2001), “National Curriculum Standard of Teacher Education” (Announced in 2011) and the new “National Curriculum Standard of High School Education” (Announced in 2017).

With a research faculty of 16 members, the ICI conducts research and receives funding locally, nationally, and globally.The ICI issues the journal of Global Education (abstracted and indexed in CSSCI) and holds a book series (in English) of “Curriculum Reform and School Innovation in China” with Springer.

International conversation and cooperation is particularly of interest to the ICI related to the redesign of curriculum and instruction, professional development, and evaluation. The ICI has developed cooperation and relationships with several international organizations and research institutes from a variety of countries. William Pinar,Lee Shulman,Michael Young, James A. Banks, and Sato Manabu are among scholars who have made presentations in the forums, lectures, and roundtable series.