Department of Education Information Technology

2017-12-13  |   466 views

Department of Education Information Technology

East China Normal University (ECNU) is a comprehensive research-led university in China. The Department of Education Information Technology (DEIT) belongs to the School of Education, and is also the first founded interdiscipline Department on the application of information technology in education. In good academic accumulation and atmosphere, DEIT has two dozen full-time teachers, five professors and ten associate professors.

With diverse undergraduate and graduate programs, a growing body of faculty and students, and productive basic and applied research projects, DEIT was awarded as one of the five A+++ disciplines in our university. At present, the Department has nearly 170 fulltime undergraduate students, 97 fulltime master students and about 29 doctoral students. Over the years, DEIT undergraduate and graduate employment rate has been ranked the best among all Universities.

Today, our research focuses primarily on six dimensions fields: theories and system planning on Educational Informationization, learning science and technology design, research on digital media and digital publishing, E-educational equipment, environment and technology standards study and measurement evaluation, management of computer assistant inculcation (CAI).

After 30 years’ effort, DEIT has become the leader in Education Technology in China. In recent years, basing on Shanghai “Peak I” project, DEIT has further expanded its research in the field of learning science and learning technology. While maintaining the traditions in educational research and expertise, DEIT is committed to participate in global dialogues, embrace information technology, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration, with a mission to develop educational research in China, enhance education quality, and share our experience and expertise with the world.