Department of Preschool Education

2017-09-22  |   352 views

The Introduction of the Department of Early Childhood Education of East-China Normal University

Founded in 1983, the Department of Early Childhood Education in East China Normal University (ECNU) which is one of the most prestigious universities in China, located in Shanghaihas kept teacher training as one of its main features since its establishment. It offers programs from undergraduate to doctoral, from pre-service to post service. The teachers of the department have published many books illustrating children’s development and education, some of which owned the titles of “National Level Quality Course of Teacher Training”, orShanghai Quality Course of Teacher Training.

In the past 30 years, the department enjoys great reputations for researches both in the field of Early Childhood Education Curriculum and in the field of Children’s play and learning. It boasts 3 Lads, one on Children’s Developmental Phycology, one on Children’s Play and Learning, and one on Early Upbringing of children from 0-3. The teachers of the department take on the projects of NSSFC, national education science projects, humanities and social sciences research projects of Chinese Ministry of Education, philosophy social science funds projects of Shanghai, which add up to 20 odds in the past 5 years.

The Department attaches great importance to the internationalization of its development and has established exchange and cooperative partnerships with many internationally renowned universities and academic institutions in USA, GB, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Taipei,etc.

The Department has made enormous achievements in talent-training, scientific research, community service and international exchanges. In so doing, it has significantly contributed to the development of Chinese Early Childhood Education and teacher trainingboth locally and nationally.