Institute For Advanced Students In Education

2017-09-22  |   428 views





Institute for Advanced Studies in Education (IASE) of East China Normal University is a collaborative innovation as well as an academic research institution, which focus on research of educational culture and society, expands new orientations and finding of social life and educational researches in multidisciplinary fields.

From the social and the education process dynamics mechanism, structure frame, operation mode and microcosmic action, Education social studies focus on social difference and education equality, education and social mobility and stratification, social motivation of school development, knowledge society and national quality, recognition and identity and other basic problems. It emphasizes the transformation of the life style of different individuals or groups in the process of education, and includes the two core issues of “social reproduction” and “cultural reproduction” in educational equity and quality.

Education cultural Studies emphasizes the cultural connotations of educational activities and the educational functions of various cultural practices, and takes education as a cultural action, and understands the cultural significance of educational activities and processes from a broad perspective. The research object relates to the educational cultural phenomenon in history and reality, and focus on education image, music imagination, picture symbol, drama life, Trades inheritance as the breakthrough, promote the architectural culture and educational implication, media culture and educational form, technological culture and educational innovation, social culture and educational change, and the study of educational narrative research.

IASE organizes interdisciplinary, inter-agency and trans-international research teams, which form the mechanism of institution opening, personnel mobility, internal and external integration, and the combination of part-time work, and promotes multilateral interaction with academic frontiers at home and abroad.