Introduction of Education & Rehabilitation

2017-12-13  |   202 views

Introduction of Education and Rehabilitation Science



Pioneering in mainland China, Education and Rehabilitation Science of ECNU has adhered to the Philosophy of schooling of combining medical with education, combining literature with science, combining theory with practice. The major’s ex-name was Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Rehabilitation science.



We initiated the 1st Master and Doctor Program in in Mainland China. During the construction process, our major has been actively absorbing the international advanced experience. We take the initiative to match the national development strategy of “combining medical with education”. Paying attention to optimize our team, we have obtained prominent achievements in Personnel Training, Scientific Research and Social Services. Consequently, our major has become the backbone of Chinese speech and hearing rehabilitation training and scientific research.


Based on the concept of combination of theory and practice, we planned several main course modules as Basic Audiology, Hearing Standard, Speech Science, Speech Therapy, Children’s language development, Language Rehabilitation, Cognitive Training for children with Special needs, Assessment and training of emotional behavioral disorders, etc..



Graduates are mainly employed by colleges, universities, research institutes, special education schools, IEP in ordinary school, civil welfare agencies, hospital departments, research institutions, etc. Students will also start their career in the research area of assessment, rehabilitation, education, counseling and rehabilitation aids for speech disorders, hearing disorders, speech disorders, cognitive disorders, mental disorders and dyskinesia.