The Faculty of Education and Kyushu University Hold an Online Meeting

2021-03-23  |   1,195 views

On March 22, 2021, the Faculty of Education, ECNU and Kyushu University successfully held an online meeting. The representatives from Department of  Education of the Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University, Japan, were: Professor Toshiko Nonomura of Cultural History of Education, Associate Professor Takuya Kimura of Educational Sociology and Associate Professor Chen Sicong of Citizenship Education. The attendees of ECNU included: Professor Xunyuan, Executive Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education, Professor Wu Zunmin, the Department of Education and Qiu Yue, Director of the International Affairs Division of the Faculty of Education. The two sides mainly discussed concrete details on the online academic forum that will be held in the coming fall, and how to deepen communication and collaboration between two universities on education discipline.


Online Participants

Professor Xunyuan, Executive Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education, extended cordial greetings on behalf of the faculty to Kyushu University and expressed gratitude to their continuing support for the collaboration on education discipline between two universities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The two sides retrospected the history of cooperation since 1988 and fully affirmed the tradition in exchange visits and academic exchanges on education discipline, and through which, the formal cooperative relationship at university level was established in 2020.

Subsequently, further discussion on exchange and collaboration projects on education discipline in the post-pandemic era went on. The two sides intended to hold online academic exchange meetings this fall, including a forum on “ Retrospect and Future Prospect of International Exchange History Based on Education Discipline” and seminars where students give presentations and professors make comments. Also both sides are looking forward to organizing delegation to pay on-site academic exchange visits mutually after the pandemic.

ECNU has a long history of collaboration with Kyushu University in educational research fields. In 1988, Professor Jin Yiming who was the Dean of the School of Education and Science of ECNU and Professor Kanda Osamu who was the Dean of the Department of Education of Kyushu University signed the cooperation agreement. Both sides have been dedicated to the promotion of academic exchange and collaboration. Since 2016, the delegation of Kyushu University have visited the Faculty of Education of ECNU and carried out academic activities annually, including student seminars, professor lectures and campus tours, leading to deep exchange and interaction of both sides in various research areas.