New ECNU book tells stories of Sino-Canada education

2021-03-12  |   701 views

In February 2021, Narrative Inquiry into Reciprocal Learning Between Canada-China Sister Schools: A Chinese Perspective, was published by Macmillan Palgrave, an internationally renowned publishing house. The book was authored by Prof. Bu Yuhua and her doctoral students Qi Shan, Li Yangjie, Zhu Yuanyuan and Zhong Cheng.




Bu Yuhua is Professor, PhD Supervisor, and Deputy Director of both the Institute of “Life Practice” Educology Research and the Institute of Schooling Reform and Development at East China Normal University (ECNU). Her research interests include philosophy of education, teacher education, school reform, and ethics of education.




This book is an important achievement of the large-scale international cooperation program entitled “Sino-Canada Teacher Education and School Education Reciprocal Learning” (2013-2020); it is also one of the books in the “Cross-cultural Interactive Learning in Chinese and Western Education” series spearheaded by Michael Connery from University of Toronto and Prof. Xu Shijing from University of Windsor.

Based on the cross-cultural reciprocal learning program carried out in two sister schools, i.e. Minzhu Primary School in Shanghai and Bay Street School in Toronto, during 2008-2020, this book narrates how the two schools continued to explore intercultural educational and teaching practices on their own lands based on the principle of equality, mutual benefit, and mutual respect. Supported by modern information technology, such practices have transcended the barriers of time, space and cultural differences, helping both sides achieve mutual understanding, a clearer cultural identity and stronger cultural confidence.

Every once and a while, a book comes along that fills gaping holes in one’s knowing. Such was the case with Narrative Inquiry into Reciprocal Learning Between Canada-China Sister Schools: A Chinese Perspective. The volume was so engaging that I could not put it down. I read it in one sitting. It definitely is a must-read book because it illuminates—in vivid detail—intercultural experiences from a Chinese point of view.

—Cheryl J. Craig, Professor and Houston Endowment Endowed Chair of Urban Education

Texas A&M University, USA

This book provides a compelling counter force to the growing Anglosphere-Sinosphere tensions confronting global harmony. The authors feature philosophical and practical points of harmony between Eastern and Western education while valuing and maintaining the independent integrity of each. Canadian and Chinese educators learn from one another while pursuing and deepening their own traditions.

—Michael Connelly, Professor Emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

University of Toronto, Canada


Source: Institute of “Life Practice” Educology Research

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