Faculty of Education of ECNU and the University of Oslo Hold Online Meeting

2021-11-03  |   823 views

Aiming to conduct in-depth exploration on the student exchange program in education discipline, a video meeting was held on the evening of 26 October by two teams respectively from East China Normal University and University of Oslo, Norway. The attendees from the University of Oslo were: Luca Tateo, professor of the Department of Special Education and adjunct professor of the European Culture and Psychology Research Center, Sibel Thorsen, senior executive officer of the Department of Special Education, Cecilie Brinck Boholm, international exchange program coordinator of Faculty of Education. The attendees from ECNU included: He Min, associate professor from the Department of Pre-school Education of Faculty of Education, Qiu Yue, Director of International Affairs Division of Faculty of Education, and Cao Xiaoying, program officer of International Exchange Division of ECNU. During the meeting, the two sides had a detailed discussion on the UTFORSK project in Norway, for which the University of Oslo had just been successfully approved in its application. The project aims to fund and conduct student exchange programs in education discipline with its partnership universities in China, India, Brazil and Russia. To ensure the smooth development of the project, and to lay a solid foundation for the regular student exchange program in the future, and based on the previous cooperation, University of Oslo invited ECNU to sign a collaboration agreement on student exchange program at university level. At the meeting, concerned detailed contents of the agreement were discussed, including program involved students’ qualifications, visiting activities and courses arrangement, expense management, maintenance mechanism of the program, etc., and finally basic consensus was reached on the text of relevant collaboration agreement. After the meeting, both sides will further refine the agreement text according to the principles of the meeting, and submit it to relevant functional departments of the two universities for review and approval to officially sign the agreement as soon as possible.

Founded in 1811 as Royal Frederik University and renamed in 1939, the University of Oslo is the largest institution of higher education in Norway and is ranked 102nd in the 2022 QS World University Rankings with 51st in the QS World Rankings for Education. The University of Oslo is one of the best universities in Scandinavia and the top university in Norway. ECNU’s Department of Pre-school Education has good cooperative relationship with  University of Oslo in education discipline. Based on existing scholar exchange program, this project newly integrates postgraduate students’ cultivation into it, so that the exchanges and cooperation in education discipline between the two universities will reach a new height.

                        Source: International Affairs Division of the Faculty of Education