Zunmin Wu

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Wu Zunmin



Professor and Doctorial Tutor of Department of Education Science





Scholarly Interests

Education Policy and Legislationducation Basic Theoryesearch on Learning Society and Community Educationontemporary Lifelong Education Theory and Practice Research

Selected Publications


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Research Projects:

1.Host of the national education science focus bidding 12thFive-Year Plan “research of the way and system of building China life-long education system” In 2015.

2.Host of the Shanghai institute of education for life Key Project “under the Background of TV University Transformation Create New Community College Research”.

3.Take part in the Ministry of Education and China high education institute 12th Five-Year Education Scientific Planning Project “the Feasibility Study of Relying on the Self-study Exam System Transformation to Build National Credit Bank”.

4.Cross-sectional Research Commissioned by Civilization Office “the Annual Report of Community Education Development in2012”.

5.Host of the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Key Research Base Key Project “Basic Education Fairness and Balance Policy Research under Vision of Harmonious Society”.

6.Shanghai Decision Advisory Committee Authorized Project “Harmonious Society and Harmonious Education Research” in 2007.

7.Shanghai Education Science Research Planning Project “Regional Youth Extracurricular Quality-oriented Education Activity Innovative Practice Research” from 2006 to 2008.


1.The Theory of Basic Education Equity, awarded Shanghai the 13th session of philosophy and social science 2nd Prize, 2016;

2.Restore the Soul of Education, awarded Shanghai the 12th session of philosophy and social science 2nd Prize, 2014;

3.Gold Award Nomination of Third Term of Qian Xuesen Urbanology (education city), 2013.

4.Basic Education Decision-making Theory, awarded the Ministry of Education Fourth National Educational Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award 2nd Prize, 2011.

5.On the Practice of Lifelong Education, awarded Shanghai 10thEducationScienceResearchOutstanding Achievement Award 2nd Prize (Educational Theory Innovation Award), 2011.

6.Modern China Lifelong Education Theory, awarded Shanghai 10th Education Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award 3rd Prize (Educational Theory Innovation Award), 2005.

7.On Harmonic Society and Harmonic Education, awarded Shanghai “Building Socialism Harmonic Society” Essay Competition 3rd Prize, 2005.