Zhongjing Huang

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Huang Zhongjing


Professor, Doctorial Tutor and Head of Department of Education Science




Scholarly Interests

Educational Policy, Education Principle, Curriculum and Instruction Theory, an Introduction to Education, Teaching and Learning Theory, Classroom Observation

Selected Publications


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Research Projects:


1. Key Project of National Social Science Fund: Comparative Study of the Main Index and Development Trend of Education Development between Chinese and OECD, 2016-2019

2. National Social Science Fund Project: Research of the Developmental Path of Chinese Basic Education under the Background of Globalization, 2011-2014

3. Project of Shanghai Pujiang Talents Plan: Other Mirror Image and Self-construction: National Basic Education Reform in the View of Confluence of Chinese and Western Cultures 1978-2008, 2008-2010

4. Normal project of Educational Humanity Social Science Plan: New Development of Modern Western Education Policy, 2007-2009

5. The Tenth-five Youth Project in Ministry of Education: Research of Educational Policy Research Institution in America, 2006-2007

6. Curriculum Development Fund Project in Teaching Academic of ECNU: School Leadership and Education Policy, 2005-2008

7. ECNU 985 Project and Doctoral Program of Education Policy Establishment Fund Project: Curriculum Policy Research, 2005-2008

8. Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Project: Policy Research of Basic Education Balance Development in the Process of Shanghai Leading Modernization, 2004-2006

9. Youth Science Research Innovation Funds in ECNU: Research of Education Innovation and Teachers’ Education Policy, 2002-2003.


1. International Cooperation Project of Children Education of Rural Migrant Workers in Shanghai;

2. Multipath Research of Promoting Balance Development in National Compulsory Education Region;

3. Equity and Balance Policy Research of Basic Education in the View of Harmonious Society;

4. Research of the Reform and Region Promotion in Basic Education School in the View of Life-long Education;

5. Research of Education Thought and Culture Difference in the Hundred-year Reform Process of Chinese Basic Education

6. History Tradition and Theory Innovation of Basic Education

7. Policy Supporting System of Chinese Quality-oriented Education

8. Teachers’ Professional Development Based on Curriculum Reform