Bai Yun

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Bai Yun

Assistant Professor of the Department of Education Management



Scholarly Interests

School governance, specific research interests such as education leadership, curriculum and teaching management, qualitative research methods theory and application, school culture including student culture, classroom culture, management culture, etc., class teacher and class management and so on.

Selected Publications

academic papers

In the “global education outlook”, “educational development research”, “Shanghai education and scientific research”, “education science”, “foreign primary and secondary education”, “national education research” “primary and secondary management”, “modern primary and secondary education” Ideological education “,” education modernization “,” Journal of Henan University “,” education reference “,” basic education “,” Fujian education “and other publications published more than 50 papers.


1.”student culture of urban middle school”, Shandong Education Press, 2006;

2.”Quality Research Guidance”, Educational Science Press, 2002.

translated with

1.”Reform and Resistance in Schools and Classrooms – An Ethnographic Study of the Common Schools Consortium”, East China Normal University Press, 2005;

2.”Multiple Intelligence and Metrics Evaluation” first translator, Educational Science Press, 2005.


1.”class management”, Qi Xuehong editor, Beijing Normal University Press, 2015;

2.”Comparative Education Administration”, East China Normal University Press, 2005;

3.”Educational Anthropology Course”, People’s Education Press, 2005;

4.”Multiple Intelligences: Theory, Methodology and Practice”, Shanghai Education Press, 2003.

presided over or participated in more than 20 research topics:

1.presided over the “new era of student culture and school education strategy research”, Shanghai philosophy society general subject;

2.presided over or participated in the six curriculum design and development projects, respectively, presided over the East China Normal University teacher education curriculum “curriculum and teaching principles”, “quality research methods”, presided over the East China Normal University Master of Education program “classroom teaching Organization and management “, presided over the East China Normal University Master of Education program” educational research method “; participated in the East China Normal University graduate degree course construction project, participated in the Shanghai fine course” comparative education administration “curriculum development project.

3.presided over the East China Normal University party building topic “college student organization life status quo investigation and countermeasure innovation research”, approval number 521Z3056;

4.presided over the “pedagogy curriculum and teaching materials research”, East China Normal University Publishing Group commissioned the subject;

5.participate in the national science “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” Youth Fund project “primary and secondary school thinking teaching classroom strategy research”; participate in the Ford Foundation project “Chinese migrant workers continuing education research and experiment”, the Shanghai Pujiang project, the Ministry of Education social science project “landless peasants and migrant workers continue education model innovation experiment”, “Chinese migrant workers Continuing Education Research “and other three topics;

7.participate in the Shanghai Municipal Society of the general subject “to the development of new social organizations as the background to lead the construction of high school students self-building student organizations – to class construction and community building as an example”; Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences “to cultivate new social organizations As the background of the class construction theory and practice research “;

8.participate in the national social science project “education and health management system classification reform research”;

9.participate in the “985 Project” construction project “teacher ethics and professional ethics education evaluation research”;

10.participate in the development of long-term education in Shanghai, “migrant children education” research.

Recently hosted or participated in 12 cross-cutting issues with primary and secondary schools:

1.Presided over the development plan of Luwan Middle School in Shanghai 2015-2016;

2.presided over the Shanghai Luwan middle school cultural construction research 2015-2016;

3.presided over the Shanghai Medical School of cultural construction research 2015-2018;

4.Participated in the training program of Changning district teacher in Shanghai 2015-2017

5.participate in the Ningbo Education Modernization Project 2014-2015;

6.participate in the Guangdong Province, Foshan class teacher training project two;

7.participate in the Guangdong Province, the name of the teacher training project two;

8.Shanghai Jingdong Primary School “Action Research on New Curriculum Culture”;

9.Jiangning school in Shanghai “respect for individual differences in students, change the form of teaching organization”;

10.presided over the Zhejiang Cixi middle school “small class of independent management ability training practice”;

11.participate in Shanghai Begonia primary school “primary school students self-management ability training practice”;

12.presided over the Jiangsu province Suyu middle school “class teacher team construction and class management strategy action research”.