Bentao Ning

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Ning Bentao


Researcher and Doctorial Tutor of Department of Education Science


Scholarly Interests

Educational Economics ducational Policy System Innovation of Educational Management

Selected Publications


1.Ning, B.T. (2010). (Author) Research on Educational Fiscal Policy. Shanghai Education Press.

2.Ning, B.T. (2003). (Author)Research on the Property Right of Private Education in China. Qilu Publishing House.

3.Ning, B.T. (2003). (Co-author) Economic Analysis of School Management, Beijing Normal University Press.

4.Ning, B.T. (2003). (Co-author) Educational Capital: Regulation and Operation, Sichuan Education Press.

5.Ning, B.T. (1997). (Co-author) The Aim and Orientation of Students’ Personality. International Cultural Publishing Company.


1.Ning, B.T. (2015).An Analysis of the Incentive Effects of Teachers’ Performance Wage Policy in Compulsory Education – A Case Study of Teachers in P District of Shanghai. Exploring Education Development, (12).

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3.Ning, B.T. (2014).An Analysis of the Weak Incentive Effect of Teachers’ Performance Wage Implementation – A Case Study of Y District, Q City, the West of China. Journal of the Chinese Society of Education, (4).

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10.Ning, B.T. (2002).On the Property Ownership of Private Schools. Education and Economy, (4).

Research Projects:

1.The Normal Project of Humanities and Social Sciences inistry of Education: Research on the Effectiveness and Evaluation of Teachers’ Performance Pay in Compulsory Education

2.Shanghai Social Science Key Project: Research on the Market Operation and Legal Protection of Educational Property Rights


1.Honored “Outstanding Teacher” of Adult Education, School of Education Science, East China Normal University, 2014.

2.Honored “Outstanding Teacher” of East China Normal University, 2014.

3.Honored “Outstanding Teacher” when he took part in Action and Learning Training of New Teachers in Colleges and Universities, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2014.

4.His monograph Educational Fiscal Policy, awarded Shanghai Teaching Achievements 2nd Prize and East China Normal University Teaching Achievements 1st Prize, 2014.

5.The Project Research on China’s Educational Development Strategy and Educational System Reform that he took part in, awarded Shanghai 9th Educational Science Outstanding Achievements 2nd Prize, 2008.

6.The dissertation On the Property Ownership of Private Schools, awarded the Second Prize in dissertation reviews by Professional Committee of Educational Economics in Chinese Society of Education, 2002.

7.Research on Property Rights of Private Education and on Its Operating Mechanism, awarded 2000-2001 Paper Prize of Applied Research in Education and Social Sciences of both Beijing Normal University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2001.

8.Rural Population and Family Planning Management in Weishan County, awarded the Selected Prize of Outstanding Investigation Report of “Hundreds of Doctors Visit to Hundreds of Villages” Activities activated by Ministry of Civil Affairs, 1996.