Bin Zhou

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Zhou Bin


Professor and Doctorial Tutor of Department of Education Science 


Scholarly Interests

Classroom Instruction, Education Policy

Selected Publications


1.Zhou,B. Decision-Making and Execution: The school Reform under the Perspective of System

2.Zhou,B. Examination and Evaluation’s Policies in Education.

3.Zhou,B. Legal System in School: Theories and Cases.

4.Zhou,B. Question Classroom Instruction: from Different Aspects.

5.Zhou,B. The Code of Classroom.

6.Zhou,B. The Methods of Classroom Instruction.

7.Zhou,B. (chief editor) Let School Be Away from Danger.

Academic Papers:

1.An Outline Of Classroom Phenomenology – Also On The Path Choice Of Classroom Teaching Research[J] .Educational Research,2012,(5).

2.The Headmaster Goes To Specialty: Dilemma, Path And System[J].Teacher Education Research,2015(9).

3.Teacher ‘S Job Promotion Policy: Evolution, Alienation And Optimization[J].Teacher Education Research,2012,(3).

4.International Experience And Policy Revelation Of Educational Performance Management[J].Global Education Outlook,2016,(9).

5.30 Years Of School Moral Education: Dilemma And Breakthrough[J].Educational Science Research,2009,(3).

6.On The Causes And Countermeasures Of Teachers’ Job Burnout[J].Journal Of Hebei Normal University (Educational Science Edition)


8.No Casual Children Can Not Go Too Far On The Road To Study[J].School Of Teacher Education, East China Normal University,2017,(7).

9.The Predicament And Outlet Of School Performance Management[J].Journal Of China Education,2010,(11).

10A Study On Educational Performance Management[J].Journal Of East China Normal University (Educational Science Edition),2016(11)