Feng Chen

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Chen Feng


Associate Professor and Tutor of Postgraduate of Department of Education Science




Scholarly Interests

Modern and Contemporary History and Thought of Education in German and Europe, History of Foreign Philosophy, Philosophy of Education

Selected Publications


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Research Projects :

1. Manage Youth Fund Project of the humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of education Research: “A philosophical reflection on international mainstream educational science — on the independence of pedagogy of Chinese characteristics”, 2011.

2. A 985 sub-project: “The influence of the western modern educational thought on the reform of Chinese elementary education”

3. Humanities and education, school-level curriculum construction of teacher education project

4. Youth Project of Education and Science Institute in ECNU the scientific system of education in the perspective of learning”

5. Youth project of the Ministry of Education National in the fifteen plan of national education and science institute: “research on the history of teachers’ academic professional development in American universities in the 20th century”