Zheng Cheng

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Zheng Cheng


Lecturer of Faculty of Education Department of Art Education



Scholarly Interests


Selected Publications

Research Experience:

1.2014—Present; a project of the National Social Science Foundation of China:

‘A Research of the Effects of the Network Music in the New Media Era on the Aesthetic Values of the Teenagers and the Adopted Measures towards Them’.

2.2010—2013;East China Normal University Youth Pre- research Project:

‘A Research on the Chinese and Western Cultural Exchange and Blend of the Piano Music in the 20th Century.’

3.2006—2008;a project of East China Normal University: ‘A Survey of the Overall Situation on the Children’s Music Education at Community. ‘

4.2011~2014; a project from ECNU School Foundation: ‘A Research on the Feasibility over the Conformity of the Pre-school Music Education Resources’.

Selected Publications:

1.”A Research on the Optimization of the Higher Normal Music Masterpiece Appreciation Teaching”,Chinese Art Education,No.2, 2011

2.”A Probe into the Reproduction of the Colorful Chinese Music History”,Art Education, No.12, 2007.

3.”An Exploration of the Chinese Piano Music Creation Style in the First Half of the 20th Century”, Journal of Huainan Normal University, No.4, 2005.

4.”On Tan Dun’s Music Return Road from the “Map” to the “Female Book””,the Sound of the Yellow River,No.12, 2014.

5.”A study on the Creation and Development of the Piano Accompaniment in the Early Chinese Art Songs.” Journal of Chizhou Teachers College, No.6, 2006.

6.”A Consideration over the Piano Teaching after the Children’s Piano Grading Test”, “New Campus”,No.2, 2011

7.”A Theoretical Research on the Conformity of the Pre-school Music Education Resources”, “New Campus” No.11, 2008