Chengxian Du

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Du Chengxian


Professor and Doctorial Tutor of Department of Education Science


Scholarly Interests

Chinese Traditional Education, Chinese Examination System, Theory in Educational History, Comparison and Contrast between Chinese and Foreign Educational History

Selected Publications


1.Du, C.X. (2015). (First Ed.) Brief History of Chinese and Foreign Education. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press.

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1.Du, C.X. (2015). “To Think, Say and Do according to Common Sense”. Exploring Education Development, page15-16.

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Research Projects:

11.Host of National Educational Science Planning, National General Project “Chinese Course History Research”, 2016.

12.Host of Shanghai “Gaofeng Plan “Project “Teaching Materials of The Four Books Studies” , 2016.

13.The First Chief Expert of History of Chinese Educational Thoughts, Marxist Theory Research and Construction Program, Key Technologies Research and Development Project, Ministry of Education, 2011.

14.Host of East China Normal University “985 Project” Program and of “Tradition and Change of Chinese Education”, Teacher Education Innovation Dominant Discipline Project, 2009.

15.The Corpus of Meng Xiancheng, East China Normal University “985 project”, 2007.

16.”Practice and Subjects of Urban Primary and Secondary School Curriculum Development: a Comparative Study on Them in China and Japan “, the Project funded by Japan’s Ministry of Education and cooperated by East China Normal University and Japan’s Osaka City University, 2004.

17.Education of Shanghai, 2003.

18.”A study on the professional development of teachers “, The Key Project of the Humanities and Social Sciences Base of the Ministry of Education, 2002.

19.”One Hundred Years of Chinese Educational Historiography”, The Key Project of Ministry of Education, 2002.

20.”Histoty of Shanghai Education”, The Key Project of Shanghai Educational Science Planning, 2001.


1.Awarded Shanghai Yucai Award, 2016.

2.Studies Series of Education and Culture, awarded Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievements 2nd Prize, 2014.

3.A Great Dictionary of Chinese Culture Records of Education, awarded Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievements 1st Prize, 2014.

4.Sixty-year Education of the PRC, awarded National Educational Science Outstanding Achievements 3rd Prize, 2011.

5.Sixty-year Education of the PRC, awarded Shanghai Deng Xiaoping’s Theory Study Outstanding Achievements 1st Prize, 2010.