Chiaoling Huang

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Huang, Chiao Ling

Instructor of Department of Education Information Technology


Scholarly Interests

Academic integrity, deviant behavior on Internet, technology and innovative teaching

Selected Publications

Yang, S. C., & Huang, C. L. (2013). The interpersonal deception of adolescents in online social networking sites. In T. P. Liang (Ed), New Frontiers in Electronic Commerce (pp.118-127). New Taipei City: Future Career Publishing Corporation.
1.Yang, S. C., Chiang, F. K., & Huang, C. L. (2017). A comparative study of academic dishonesty among university students in Mainland China and Taiwan. Asia Pacific Education Review, 18(3), 385-399. (SSCI) (Corresponding Author)
2.Huang, C. L., Yang, S. C., & Chen, A. S. (2015). Motivations and gratification in an online game: Relationships among players’ self-esteem, self-concept, and interpersonal relationships. Social Behavior and Personality, 43(2), 193-204. (SSCI) (First Author)
3.Huang, C. L., Yang, S. C., & Chen, A. S. (2015). The relationships among students’ achievement goals, willingness to report academic-dishonesty and engaging in academic-dishonesty. Social Behavior and Personality, 43(1), 27-38. (SSCI) (First Author)
4.Yang, S. C., & Huang, C. L. (2013). Using structural equation modeling to validate online game players’ motivations relative to self-concept and life adaptation. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 49(4), 527-542. (SSCI) (Corresponding Author)
5.Yang, S. C., Huang, C. L., & Chen, A. S. (2013). An investigation of college students’ perceptions of academic dishonesty, reasons for dishonesty, achievement goals, and willingness to report dishonest behavior. Ethics & Behavior, 23(6), 501-522. (SSCI)
6.Huang, C. L., & Yang, S. C. (2013). A study of online misrepresentation, self-disclosure, cyber-relationship motives and loneliness among teenagers in Taiwan. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 48(1), 1-18. (SSCI) (First Author)

Research Projects

The current situation, challenge and perspective of English teachers to apply educational technology into teaching in higher education: A comparative study between Mainland China and Taiwan. (This research was sponsored by Peak Discipline Construction Project of Education at East China Normal University, 2018)


Graduate Students Study Abroad Program, Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, 2013

Referee for Journals

1.Reviewer of Educational Technology Research and Development (SSCI)
2.Reviewer of Journal of Educational Computing Research (SSCI)


8th Educational Technology Knowledge Sharing Party, Shanghai International Studies University, 2018

Invited Talks

1.Faculty of Education, Northeast Normal University, 2017
2.College of Education, Fujian Normal University, 2017