Chunjiao Jiang

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Jiang Chunjiao


Associate Professor and Master Tutor of Department of Education Science


Scholarly Interests

History of Chinese Education

Selected Publications


Jiang, C.J. (2016). Research on the Chinese Educator–Tao Xingzhi. Shandong: Shanghai People’s Press.

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Research Projects:

The MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (Project No.:10YJC880059),”Research on Private College Principals in Modern China”. (2012)

The Shanghai’s Education Science Planning Project (Project No.:B1009),”Research on Private Colleges in Modern Shanghai”. (2010)

The National Education Science Planning Project(Project No.:EAA080256),”Research on History of Sishu in China”. (2008)

The National Education Science Planning Project,”The Transformation of Regional Differences in Higher Education in Contemporary China”. (2003) (Have Done)


The First Award of Shanghai 8th Deng Xiaoping Theory Research and Publicity Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class.

The Third Award of the 4th National Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class.