Dandan Gao

2017-09-17  |   1,066 views

Gao Dandan


Associate professor of Department of Education Information Technology



Scholarly Interests

Application of new technology education, technical supported teacher professional development, localization practice of Knowledge Building Theory

Selected Publications


1.The teaching mode of scientific inquiry and its reflection, Popular Science, 2017.

2.The educational function of scientific experiment and its realization, Popular Science, 2017.

3.Review of Technology Enhanced Experiential Learning Research, Journal of Distance Education, 2012.

4.Study on the Teaching Structures in the Classroom of the Future, Modern Distance Education, 2012.

5.Status analysis on the use of multi-media in mathematics classroom at primary and secondary schools, technology outlook.

6.Teaching in the optimized environment—— future classroom design, Information Technology Education, 2012.