Donghai Zhang

2017-12-14  |   1,452 views




Zhang Donghai



Associate professor of Institute of Higher Education




Scholarly Interests

Universities and colleges teachers’ professional development, degree and graduate education.

Selected Publications


1.The Problem and Reform of Research Funding System in China – in the Perspective of Comparison to America. Fudan University Education Forum,2015.

2.Academic Environment and Willingness to Return China – the Research on Doctoral Students in America. Fudan University Education Forum,2014.

3.The Adaption of Young Returnee Teachers in Universities and Colleges to Academic System in China. Teacher Education Research,2014.

4.Opening and Higher Education Power Construction: History, Reality and Future. China Education Policy Comment,2013.

5.The Logic of “Either Promoted or Leaving”and The Possibility That It was used in Universities of China. Comparative Education Research,2013.

6.The Research on The Guidance Effect to Graduates and Its Factors. Fudan University Education Forum,2013.