Zhijun Huang

2017-12-13  |   1,002 views

Zhijun Huang


Lecturer of the Department of Special Education


+(021) 62238572


Scholarly Interests

Chinese language and literature education; Mental retardation children’s language education; Special teacher education; Assessment and evaluation for Chinese subject.

Selected Publications


1. Zhang Suoshuai.& Huang Zhijun.(2016). The New Rrend of Reading Literacy Assessment of PIRLS. Yu Wen Jian She. 13, 52-55.

2. Zheng Guomin & Huang Zhijun.(2016). The Past, Present and Future of the Ancient Chinese Poetry and Prose Education in the Primary School and Secondary School of China. Paper Presented in the Fourth World Humanities Forum (Korea). 2016-10-27

3. Huang Zhijun. (2015).Exploring the Part ‘Language and Literacy’ in the Newly Revised National Curriculum Framework of UK. Comparative Education Research, 37(05):93-97.

4. Huang Zhijun. (2015). Variation Theory and the Optimization of Chinese Language Teaching:

Two Stories Lesson Studies in Hong Kong and mainland China, Shanghai Education Research, (01):57-60.

5. Huang Zhijun. (2014). Optimize Chinese Teaching from the Perspective of Variation Theory. Global Education, 43(11):121-128+100 .

6. Huang Zhijun. & Lu Min.(2014). A study on the Reading Comprehension Monitoring Strategies Instruction by Chinese Language Teachers in Shanghai junior high school. Paper presented in the

2nd. Annual Global Teacher Education.2014-10-17.