Gangping Wu

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Wu Gangping



Professor of the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction




Scholarly Interests

Curriculum Resource, Classroom Teaching, Tearcher Development and School-based Inquiry

Selected Publications

1.Series of Books about Teachers’ New Perspectives, 2014.

2.The Curriculum Resources, 2014.

3.For the Future—The Book about Teachers’ Professional Ethics (For Primary and Secondary School Teachers), 2013.

4.Handbook of Professional Ethics for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, 2012.

5.Power Sharing and Responsibility Sharing: The School-Oriented Trend of Western School Education and Its Enlightenment in the Transitional Period, 2011.

6.Series of Books about Descriptive Education, 2011.

7.Curriculum Leadership and School-Oriented Innovation, 2009.

8.Series of Books about the Teaching-Support Program of National Basic Education Curriculum Reform, 2005.

9.The Practice Wisdom of Curriculum Resource Development and Utilization, 2004.

10.Series of Books about Curriculum Resources and Management, 2004.

11.Series of Books about Teachers’ New Horizons, 2004.

12.Boosters of Creative Thinking, 2004.

13.The Guide of New Curriculum Scheme of General Senior High School, 2003.

14.Series of Books about School-Oriented Researches, 2002-2003.

15.The Development of School-Oriented Curriculum, 2002.