Guoxing Xu

2017-12-23  |   1,633 views

Xu Guoxing


Associate researcher of Institute of Higher Education




Scholarly Interests

Higher Education Economy and Management

Selected Publications

Major academic works:

1.Japan’s National Student Loan System Evolution, Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore,2016.

2.Higher Education Economics, Peking University Press,2013.

3.Between Efficiency And Equity – A Comparison Of Chinese And Japanese Government Orientation In The Financial Aid System Of College Students, Shanghai Education Press,2009.

Academic papers:

1.A Comparative Study Of Sino – Japanese High – Level Universities – A Reanalysis Of Thames Higher Education ‘S Rankings Of Asian Universities In 2015[J].Comparative Education Research, 2016 (5)

2.The Strategic Transformation Of The Construction Of Rural Teachers In China And The Possible Exploration Of The Road[J].Teacher Education Research, 2016 (5)

3.National Student Loan Repayment By Income Ratio: Japan’s Characteristics And Revelation[J]. Higher Education Exploration, 2016 (10)

4.Comparison Of Undergraduate And Postgraduate Grants Systems In The Us Federal Government[J].Degree And Postgraduate Education, No. 3, 2015.

5.Work Experience To Promote Doctoral Research And Innovation Achievements Output[J].Graduate Education Research, 2012 8th Issue P41-P44.

6.”Evaluation Of The Classification Of The Higher Education Accreditation System In Japan”[J].Development And Assessment Of Higher Education, Issue 7, 2011, P12-17.