Haidong Wang

2017-09-21  |   966 views

Wang Haidong


Lecturer of Faculty of Education Department of Art Education



Scholarly Interests

International education, Lifelong Learning

Selected Publications


1.A review of Validating strategies for Non-formal and Informal Learning in Europe, Distance Education in China, 2017.

2.The Overall Progress of the Development of National Qualifications Frameworks for Lifelong Learning in European Countries, Global Education, 2016.

3.An Exploration of the definition and problems of Accreditation System to Learning Outcomes, Open Education Research, 2016.

4.An investigation on the communication condition of learning community on the self-learning exam websites and its efficacy, Examinations Research, 2016.

5.An Exploration of the Accreditation System to Learning Outcomes and Innovation of the Self-taught Examinations, China Higher Education Research, 2015.

6.MOOCs evaluation Accreditation System and self-study test strategies, China Examinations, 2014.