Yaozong Hu

2017-12-17  |   1,475 views

Hu Yaozong


Assistant Professor of Institute of Educational Economy




Scholarly Interests

Mainly engaged in education planning and strategy, education, finance, education policy, school performance management research and practice to promote the work, as the country at all levels of various schools of professional guidance.

Selected Publications

With the staff involved in the preparation of “national education reform and development of the thirteenth five-year plan”

To participate in experts in Shanghai, Gansu, Qinghai and other three provinces of education “thirteen five” plan to develop. (2015), the National Social Science Fund (2012), the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Project (2011), the National Education Science Planning Project (2011), the National Education Science and Technology Program (2011), the National Education Science and Technology Program (2011) And other national, provincial and ministerial level project 13.

In the “educational research”, “educational development research”, “Tsinghua University education research”, “teacher education research”, “education science”, “Chinese higher education research”, “university education science”, “China education newspaper” theory edition Journals published 50 academic papers, of which 26 for the CSSCI source journals, published three books, a number of articles by the “Xinhua Digest”, “National People’s Congress copy of information” (education), the State Council Development Research Center, China Academy of Social Sciences China Social Science Network reproduced.