Zhaoming Huang

2017-12-13  |   1,585 views

Huang Zhaoming


Professor of Department of Educational Rehabilitation Science




Scholarly Interests

Speech hearing rehabilitation,

Special Children Comprehensive Rehabilitation,

Rehabilitation education for deaf children,

Digital processing of voice and image signals, etc.

Selected Publications

1.An Investigation into the Current Education and Rehabilitation of Autistic Children at Special Education Schools,2017.

2.The Effects of Speech Rate and Phonetic Material on the Pitch of Preschool Cochlear Implant Children,2017.

3.Intervention Approaches and Techniques for Children with Language Disorders,2017.

4.The Design and Implementation of the Basic Communication Skills Training Paradigm of Language Disordered Children,2017.

5.Rehabilitation of Speech-language Disorders in China:Current Status and Developmental Strategies,2016.

6.Research Progress of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in the Treatment of Chronic Hoarseness,2016.

7.The Plight and Breakthrough of Rehabilitation-Oriented Teaching Practice of Special Education-Based on the Cloud Service of Smart Rehabilitation,2015.

8.The Onphonation Threshold Pressure and Nasalance in Normal Subjects,2016.

9.The review on voice disorders and rehabilitation in teachers of primary and secondary school,2016.

10.An Intervention Study of Speech Disfluency in Hearing-Impaired Children,2016.

11.The Design and Implementation of Conversation Ability Training Paradigm of Language Disordered Children,2016.

12.The Study of the Fundamental Frequencies of Different Speech Materials for Normal Adults,2015.

13.Features of Speech Fluency of Hearing-Impaired Children Aged 4-7 in Different Language Tasks,2015.

14.The Speech Rate in Monologue and Reading in Normal Adults,2015.

15.The Lexical Semantic Characteristics of Hearing-impaired Children in the Development and Implications for the Rehabilitation,2015.