Jiao Liu

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Jiao Liu



Assistant Researcher of the Institute of Educational Assessment





Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications


1.Jiao L. (2016, July) Research on Mathematical Knowledge, Skill and Related Information Technology Based on Vocational Development of Higher Vocational College Students. A paper to be Received on the annual meeting of the ICME-13 in 2016, Hamburg, Germany.

2.Jiao L., & Jie W.M., & Long Q.W. (2015) The Curriculum of Mathematics in Singapore Polytechnic and Its Enlightenment to China ‘s Higher Vocational Education. Vocational and Technical Education, 32(36):70-73.

3.Jiao L., & Jie W.M. (2014) Depth Analysis of Three Cases of Wrong. Reference to Mathematics Teaching in Middle School. Reference to Mathematics Teaching in Middle School, (1-2):62-65.

4.Jiao L., & Jie W.M. (2014) A Comparative Study on the Calculus Content of Chinese and English High School Mathematics Textbooks – A Case Study of AQA Mathematics Textbook and PEP. Mathematics teaching, (4):5-7.

5.Jiao L. (2012, July) The Application of Problem-based Learning in Higher Vocational Mathematics Teaching. A Paper to be Presented on the Annual Meeting of the ICME-12 in 2012, Seoul, Korea.

6.Jiao L. (2011,Oct) Comparative Study of Calculus in High School Mathematics Textbook between China and Britain. A Paper to be Presented on the Annual Meeting of the ICSMT in 2011, ECNU, Shanghai, CHINA.