Jing Zhou

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Zhou Jing



Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education





Scholarly Interests

children’s language growth and education research,

kindergarten’s language teaching reform in China,

education activities design and organization method of kindergartens in China,

children’s Chinese linguistic corpus,

Selected Publications

1.2013-2014: The Research to the Effectiveness of Asian and Pacific Children Development Assessment Tool.( UN Children’s Fund)

2.2013-2014: The Research to the Professional Cultivation of Preschool Education Teacher.( Education Data Institution, East China Normal University)

3.2014-2015: Metaphor Research to the learning attitude and experience of preschool children in China. ( English Cultural and Educational Association)

4.The Research to the Bilingual Development and Cognitional Preparation for School of Preschool Minority Children in Xin Jiang. East China Normal University Journal: Education Science,2015.

5.Physical Environment: Draw A Circle around Children’s Growth, China Education News,2015.