Baomin Li

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Li Baomin



Associate researcher of School of Open Learning and Education




Scholarly Interests

Teacher education, distance education, network literacy education.

Selected Publications

Published papers:

1. From “Learning” to “Learning to Learn”: Measurement and Development of Online Learners’ Learning Ability, Open Education Research,2017.8

2. A Study on the Learners’ Needs for Web-based Learning Environment in Distance Education, China Educational Technology, 2010.3

3. An Empirical Study on Dialogue Instruction in Web-based Environment, Open Education Research, 2009.8

4. Network course design: from the “focus on teaching” to “focus on learning”, Global Education, 2009.11

5. The Essence, Dimension and Intrinsic Value of Children ‘s Network Exploration, Global Education, 2011.1

6. E-living: The Pattern Analysis and Value Perspective of Children Online Life, Global Education, 2011.4

7. Types, Characteristics and Significance of Children Internet Communication, Global Education, 2012.1

8. Investigation and Revelation of American Network Literacy Education: From the Case of Lee Elementary School, Global Education, 2012.10

9. Children Internet Literacy Survey Analysis and Education Proposals: Survey Samples from Six Schools in Shanghai, Global Education, 2013.5

10. Online Behaviour Education based on Exploration: What, Why and How, Research in Educational Development, 2014.9

11. From Children’s Realistic Demand for Internet Literacy, Internet Literacy Core Competencies are Constructed: Based on the Children’s Learning and Growth Perspective, Global Education, 2014.11

12. Let Inquiry Become Children Lifestyle: The Value, Type, Method and Path of Children Web-based Inquiry, Global Education, 2015.12

13. Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Integrated Practical Activity Curriculum from the Perspective of Core Competence, Research in Educational Development, 2016.18

14. Research on the Network Learning Environment for Learners’ Meaningful Learning, Modern Distance Education, 2011.3

15. The Reason, Implication and Practice of Children ‘s Network Literacy Research, Global Education, 2010.10

16. Research on Modern Distance Education Network Teaching Based on “Dialogue Teaching”, Global Education, 2007.9

17. Research on Learner-based Camps Culture Construction in Distance Education, Modern Educational Technology, 2008.12

18. Practice of Information Technology Integrated Curriculum in University-Research on the Mode of Modern Educational Technology Training for Preservice Teachers, Modern Educational Technology, 2007.12

19. The use of e-learning in pre-service teacher education, International Journal of Campus-wide Information System, 2009.12

20. Unsupervised learning of shared structures in images, The international Springer journal Visual Computer, 2011.8(The second author)

21. Reflection on the Construction of the Scale and the Interpretation of the Results in the Comprehensive Quality Evaluation: Based on PISA Evaluation and TIMSS Evaluation, Research in Educational Development, 2017.2(The second author)

22. Comparative Analysis of TIMSS and PISA Mathematical Assessment Framework, Global Education, 2017.6(Corresponding Author)

23. On the Misunderstanding and Solution of the Teachers’ Method Dependence, Teacher Education Research, 2014.6(The second author)

24. On the Construction of Personalized Resource Library in Distance Education from the Perspective of Knowledge Management, Distance Education in China, 2003.1

25. Research on Learner Oriented Individualized Human Computer Internet System in the Distance Education, Modern Educational Technology, 2003.2

26. On Many Correspondence-based Network Instruction Model Research, Modern Educational Technology, 2001.3

27. The Construction and Thinking of Network Teaching Mode, Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method, 2000.1

28. Look the Development and Design of Web-based Course from Postmodern Curriculum View, Shanghai Education, 2001.5

29. Discussion and Research on Interactive Activity Theory Based on Network Environment, Shanghai Education, 2001.9

30. Research on Collaborative Learning Based on Network Environment, Shanghai Education, 2001.12

Published monographs:

1. The Introduction of Information Technology Course, Educational Science Publishing House, 2011.3

Presided subjects:

1. A Study on the Diagnosis and Intervention of Learning Ability of Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Key Subject of Shanghai Education Science Planning

2. Research on the Development of Children ‘s Network Literacy in Network Ecology, Pre-research topic in East China Normal University

3. Research on the Evaluation and Intervention of Internet Learners’ Learning Ability, Key Subject of the National Education Department of Education

4. Research on the Development of Teachers’ Learning Ability from the Perspective of Lifelong Learning, PI project in East China Normal University

5. Research on the Standard of Project Management of Kindergarten Teachers, sub-topic of “National Training plan” Management specification research

6. Compilation of Training Course Standards for Comprehensive Practice Teacher in Compulsory Education, Ministry of Education

7. An Empirical Study on Curriculum Problems of Comprehensive Practical Activities in China, sub-subject of “Compilation of Curriculum Guidance for Comprehensive Practical Activities of Compulsory Education”, Ministry of Education