Shupei Li

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Li Shupei



Associate researcher of School of Open Learning and Education






Scholarly Interests

Curriculum and instruction, Teacher education, Media literacy education

Selected Publications


1. On the Key Competences and Evaluation of Integrated Curriculum of Practical Activity, Global Education, 2016.

2. Breaking Technological Myths:An Important Perspective of Media Literacy Education for Children, Global Education, 2015.

3. Media Literacy Education for Children: Practice, Problem and Path, CET China Educational Technology, 2015.

4. Cultivation of children’s media literacy: modern educators’ responsibility, People’s Education, 2014.

5. Differentiation and Analysis of Inquiry Teaching in Subject Area. Global Education, 2014.

6. The inquiry of the key value of information technology courses, CET China Educational Technology, 2013.

7. Children’s media literacy education: cause, essence and misunderstanding, China Educational Technology, 2013.