Weisheng Li

2017-12-18  |   767 views

Li Weisheng


Professor of Institute of Educational Economy




Scholarly Interests

Educational changes in schools as a unit. Focus on school culture construction and class management.

Selected Publications

Research projects

Vertical subject

1. “To the development of new social organizations as the background to lead the construction of high school students self-building student organizations,” Shanghai philosophy community issues (2010).

2. “To cultivate new social organizations as the background of the class construction theory and practice research”, Ministry of education humanities and social science issues (2010).

3. “Construction of” democratic class “deepening research”, Shanghai education science planning key project (2008).

4. “Research on Updating Student Culture by Optimizing Student Group Communication”, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project, Ministry of Education (2005).

5. “Research on the Theory and Practice of Building New Classes”, Shanghai Education Science Planning Project (2004).

Horizontal topics

1. “Shanghai Luwan District Bile secondary school school culture” (2008 – 2017).

2. “Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Middle School School Culture Construction” (2011).

3. “Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the director of the training of the object of professional development training” (2009 – 2014).


1. “School culture construction new ideas: active generation”, Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press, 2012 edition.

2. “Class Management”, Shanghai: East China Normal University Press, 2010 edition.

3. “Class teacher’s work of education ideas”, Shanghai: East China Normal University Press, 2013 edition.

4. “Class management new exploration: the construction of new classes, Tianjin Education Press, 2006 edition.

5. “Open teaching”, Fujian Education Press, 2005 edition.

6. “Educational Research Methods”, People’s Education Press, 2005 edition.

7. “New Basic Education” School Leadership and Management Reform Guide “, Guangxi Normal University Press, 2009 edition.