Hongbo Liu

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Hongbo Liu


Assistant Professor of Institute of Educational Economy





Scholarly Interests

Current research trends: teacher professional development and multi-intelligence school practice; teacher education reality and future

Future research direction: teacher education research, education administration

Selected Publications

Academic papers:

1.”Local Urban Youth Values”, “Secondary Education”, 96 (3)

2.”A Brief Comparison of Moral Education between China and the West”, “Secondary Education”, 98 (2)

3.”Visual Vision of School Vision – Space Strategy”, “Shanghai Education” (Volume III), 2001.10

“Multiple intelligences: the best interpretation of quality education”, “Shanghai Education”, 2002 (7)

4.”Multiple Intelligence and Teachers”, “Primary and Secondary School Management”, 2002 (10)

5.”School: multiple intelligence shine on the stage”, “China Education”, 2003.10.30

6.”Case Study: Ladder of Professional Development of Teachers”, “China Education Newspaper”, 2003 (11)


“Multiple Intelligence and Student Achievement: Six School Success Stories”, First Translator, Educational Science Press, August 2003


“Multiple Intelligence Cases: Students, Teachers and Schools”, Second Author, Shanghai Education Press, February 2004


1.In 1998, the paper “Contemporary Urban Youth Values” was awarded the “Third Prize for the Fifth Scientific Research Achievement Award” by the Shanghai Institute of Education.

2.In December 2001, won the East China Normal University, “the fourth young teachers classroom teaching evaluation third prize”;

3. August 16-18, 2002, the paper “how much intelligence theory from the teacher how far? “Won the Beijing” multi-intelligence development and evaluation of the “international seminar” excellent paper award “.