Qiaoyun Liu

2017-12-13  |   410 views

Liu Qiaoyun


Assistant Professor of Department of Educational Rehabilitation Science




Scholarly Interests


Hearing Impairment

Child Rehabilitation

Hearing Impairment Assessment And Training

Selected Publications

Academic papers:

1.A Comparative Study On Selective Listening Ability Of Children With Cochlear Cavity And Hearing Aids[J]. Special Education 2010,(2).

2.Artificial Cochlear Hearing Aids And Normal Children Phonemes Comparative Recognition Of The Comparative Study[J]. China’s Special Education 2011,(2).

3.A Study On The Recognition Of Cypriot In Simulated State Of Hearing Impairment In Chinese[J]. Special Education 2011,(8).

4.Implantation Of Cochlear Implant And Wearing Hearing Aids In Children’s Phonemes Contrast Recognition Difficulty Analysis Of Hearing And Speech Disease [J].Chinese Journal Of Hearing And Speech Rehabilitation Science,2010,(5).

5.3-5-Year-Old Listening And Speaking Children Phonemes Contrast Recognition Acquisition Process Research Listening And Speech Disease[J]. Chinese Journal Of Hearing And Speech Rehabilitation Science ,2011,(3).

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