Yeguo Qi

2018-04-10  |   1,075 views

Name: Qi Yeguo


Department:National Training Center for Secondary School Principals, Ministry of Education



Qi Yeguo is the professor and doctoral supervisor of National Training Center for Secondary School Principals. Professor Qi Yeguo, selected into the New Century Talent Support Program of Ministry of Education in 2006, is mainly engaged in the study of school management improvement, educational planning, educational evaluation and teaching management. He was mainly responsible for theory design and guidance of the SDP Project jointly initiated by Ministry of Education and UNICEF in 2001-2005. As one of earliest specialists who conducted research on learning theory design and practice, he discovered the problem of information balance in school-based research, put forward the class group mode to solve the head teacher problem and developed quality-index-based school quality management system and many other school management methods which have achieved good results in many schools. He has also hosted and finished the projects of the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC) of Ministry of Education and key subjects of National Education Sciences Planning, etc.