Ting Ruan

2017-12-13  |   994 views

Ruan Ting


Associate professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education


+8621- 62232681


Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

1.Team Building Activities in College Classrooms:Current Situation and Countermeasures,2014.

2.The Cultural Characteristic of Preschool Education in the View of Educational Fairness: Based on the Kindergarten Courses,2013.

3.On American Compensatory Education Policy for Disadvantaged Children,2012.

4.On Picture Book Immersion Teaching Method and Improvement of Teaching Ability of Normal School Students,2012.

5.Construction and Exploration of Preschool Bilingual Curriculum Integration Model: A Comparison of Bilingual Education Curriculum Models in Chinese and American Kindergartens,2012.