Heping Wang

2017-12-13  |   1,383 views

Wang Heping


Associate professor of the Department of Special Education




Scholarly Interests

Rehabilitation training for disabled children

Family education for exceptional children

Counselling and guidance of rehabilitation training for exceptional children

Classroom resources scheme of learning in regular classroom

Pathology of exceptional children

Social work of the disabled

Selected Publications

1. Problems and Countermeasures in the Implementation of Regional Activity in Private Kindergartens——Taking a Private Kindergarten G in Fuzhou as an Example, Journal of Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University, 2017.

2. Brief discussion on classroom teaching objectives design at Zhipei School, Modern Special Education, 2017.

3. A literature review on employment assessment index in higher vocational college. Science & Technology Information, 2017.

4. The construction and exploration of employment assessment system for graduates in higher vocational college, The Science Education Article Collects, 2017.

5. The standing general, Policy & Scientific Consult, 2017.

6. The status of college students’ national defense consciousness in higher vocational college and the cultivation approaches, Chinese & Foreign Entrepreneurs, 2016.

7. Education calling for simple and unadorned, Technology & Management, 2016.

8. The innovation of ideological and political education methods in elementary schools, Western China Quality Education, 2016.

9. The path exploration of the all-round development of college students with financial difficulties, Asia-Pacific Education, 2016.

10. The significance of debate competition in elementary Chinese instruction and its implementation Strategies, Read and Write Periodical, 2016.

11. A Survey on the Present Situation of the Research on the Assessment of Middle-level Cadres in Higher Vocational Colleges, The Science Education Article Collects, 2015.