Wenye Zhou

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Zhou Wenye


Associate researcher of the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction




Scholarly Interests

classroom assessment, curriculum development and evaluation, Teacher education

Selected Publications

“Selected journal publication

1.Zhou, W.Y.& Chen,M.Z.(2017)Performance Assessment for Deep Learning-Interview with Professor Ray Pecheone, Director of Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity. Global Education .7:1-7.

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Selected book publication

1.Zhou, W.Y.(2014). The Theory and Technique of Performance Assessment in Elementary and Secondary Schools. Shanghai : East China Normal University Press. (in Chinese)

2.Cui Y.H.& Zhou W.Y. & Zhou W.S.(2O13). Curriculum Syllabus and Teaching Planning. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press. (in Chinese)

Research Projects

1.2014-present, Take charge of Humanities and Social Sciences Research about Youth Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, Research on School’s Curriculum Development Based on Students’ Core Competency.

2.2013-present, Take charge of National Education Science “12th Five-Year Plan” Youth Project of Ministry of Education, The Theory and Technique of Performance Assessment in Elementary and Secondary Schools.

3.2013-present,Participate Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base Major project of the Ministry of Education, Research on Classroom Assessment for Learning in Compulsory Education.

4.2012-present, Participate Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base Major project of the Ministry of Education, Theoretical and Technical Research of Quality Evaluation on the Implementation of School Curriculum in Compulsory Education Stage.

5.2014-present, Participate cooperative project with Xuhui District Shanghai Bureau of Education, School Curriculum Quality Improvement Project.

6.2014-present, Participate cooperative project with Nanjing first middle school in Jiangsu province, Research on curriculum standard-based learning experience plan.

7.2013-present, Participate cooperative project with Zhengzhou No.9TH Middle School in Henan province, Classroom Research and Teacher Professional Development.

8.2013-present, Participate cooperative project with Ruian Senior High School in Zhejing Province, Research on School-based Curriculum Construction.

9.2013-present, Participate cooperative project with Yuanji Senior High School in Zhejiang Province, School’s Characteristic Curriculum Construction.

10.2010-2011, Participate Ministry of Education project, International Comparative Research on Development of K-12 Educational Quality Standard.

11.2008-2011, Participate Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base Major project of the Ministry of Education, School-based Teacher Professional Development.

12.2006-2010, Participate Major project about Teacher Education Revolution entrusted by Normal Secretary of Ministry of Education, Research on Teacher Education Curriculum Standards & Research on Teacher Professional Standards.

13.2006-2011,ParticipateHumanities and Social Sciences Major Project of the Ministry of Education, Research on Curriculum Assessment System of Quality Education.

14.2006-2008, Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base Major Project of the Ministry of Education, Research on Students’ Academic Achievement Based on Curriculum Standards.