Bian Wu

2017-12-13  |   1,174 views

Wu Bian


Associate professor of Department of Education Information Technology


Scholarly Interests

Instruction design and learning science, Design and assessment of online learning system, Education application design, Computer-based visualization learning, Problem-based learning, Teacher information education, Information medicine education and medical knowledge, Design-based research, Information system design

Selected Publications


1.Deep Understanding, Practical Cases, Trends and Prospects in Educational Big Data——Review of 2017 International Research Symposium on Educational Big Data Application Technology, Modern Distance Education Research, 2017.

2.Learning analysis of K-12 students’ online problem solving: A three-stage assessment approach. Interactive Learning Environments. 2017

3.Professional development of new higher education teachers with information and communication technology (ICT) in Shanghai: A Kirkpatrick’s evaluation approach. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 2016.

4.An Empirical Study on Pre-Service Higher Education Teachers’ ICT Integration Competencies ——A Lesson from Pre-Service Higher Education Teacher Training Program in Shanghai, Modern Distance Education Research, 2016.

5.Visualizing complex processes using a cognitive-mapping tool to support the learning of clinical reasoning. BMC Medical Education. 2016.

6.Authentic Learning: Let Learning Happen in Both Hands and Minds of Students–An Interview with Dr. Jan Herrington of Murdoch University in Australia, Modern Distance Education Research, 2015.