Xi Chen

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Chen Xi



Lecturer of Institute of Higher Education





Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

Academic papers:

1.”Less Learning And Learning” – A New Perspective Of Singapore ‘S Educational Reform[J].Foreign Primary And Secondary Education,2008,(7).

2.The Internationalization Strategy Of Japanese Higher Education – A Case Study Of “300,000 Talents For International Students”[J].Comparative Education Research,2010,(10).

3.College Teachers’ Professional Development And Higher Education Quality In The New Situation – A Summary Of The 8th Academic Seminar On Higher Education Across The Taiwan Straits[J].Fudan Education Forum,2012,(1).

4.Investigation On The Cultivation Of Postgraduates In Full – Time Degree In Research Universities[J].Higher Education Research,2011,(2).

5.A Case Study Of Layered Teaching In Foreign Countries[J].Guangxi Education,2009,(7).