Xiaohui Wang

2017-12-13  |   1,365 views

Xiaohui Wang


Associate professor of the Department of Special Education




Scholarly Interests

Assessment and evaluation for exceptional children

Social development of exceptional children

Selected Publications

1. A Research Review of Foreign English Teachers’ Teaching Belief, College English Teaching and Research, 2016.

2. Support System for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Inclusive Primary, Journal of Schooling Studies, 2016.

3. The study of the influence of English teachers’ classroom questioning belief and students’ perceptions to their classroom behaviors, Overseas English, 2016.

4. A Research Review of the vocabulary form-focused instruction in the second language teaching, English teachers, 2016.

5. Status research on teachers’ classroom evaluation, Journal of Schooling Studies, 2015.

Social Network Analysis of Peer Relations for 5-6-year-old Children, Studies in Early Childhood Education, 2014.

6. Report Card of Elementary School in Kansas and Its Inspiration, Basic Education, 2014.