Xiaohua Yu

2017-12-13  |   1,074 views

Yu Xiaohua


Associate professor of Department of Education Information Technology



Scholarly Interests

Informatized Teaching and learning, Design and development of learning technology system, Design and development of Personal learning environment, learning, analysis and visualization

Selected Publications


1.An Empirical Study of the Impact of Social Network on Online Learning Autonomy: A Method Based on Learning Analysis, 2016.

2.The New Enlightenment of Cloud Card for the Construction of Individual Learning Space, 2016.

3.The Cloud Construction of Individual Learning Space Based on Cloud Card, 2016.

4.The Effective Using of the Collective Wisdom in Online Teaching and Learning: The Perspective and Construction of Learning Analysis, 2016.

5.Focusing on the Technical Advantages of Visual Text Analysis—A Proposition Analysis Based on the Educational Technology Project in National Education Science Program, 2015.

6.The Learning Analysis in Open Education—The Review and Extension of the 2015 AECT Summer Symposium, 2015.

7.The Individual Learning Space and Its Information Model for Students Oriented On ‘Ren Ren Tong’, 2015.

8.Using Learning Analytics to Support Personalized Learning and Quality Education: A Case Study of China’s “Everyone Connected” Project, 2015.

9.The Research, Design and Development of Virtual Instrument Standard, 2014.

10.American Ipad Program and Its Enlightenment for China’s E-Schoolbag, 2014.

11.Autonomous Learning in the Individual Learning Environment: Transformation and Realization, 2013.

12.The Research Report on the Standard System of Chinese Electronic Textbooks and Electronic Schoolbags, 2012.

13.Experimental Development of Competitive Digital Educational Games on Multi-Touch Screen for Young Children, 2010.

14.An Exploration of Developing Multi-Touch Virtual Learning Tools for Young Children, 2010.

15.An Exploration of Developing Multi-Touch Virtual Learning Tools for Young Children, 2010.

16.The Design and Development of Learning Websites, 2010.

17.The International Comparison Between Education Informatization and Education Competitiveness, 2009.

18.The Investigation of Foreign Educational Informatization, 2008.