Yuan Xun

2018-06-06  |   1,513 views


Name: Xun Yuan
Email: yxun@dedu.ecnu.edu.cn
Department: Department of Higher Education

Xun Yuan is a professor in the Institute of Higher Education. His research interests include history of higher education, teacher education, university governance and educational culture. In recent years, he has been focusing on reform of university’s academic system in China and trying to provide a vision of knowledge innovation for Chinese universities. He has published a few works including Discipline and Curriculum: the Organization of Teaching in Universities, The Dynamics of Higher Education Development in East Asia: Asian Cultural Heritage, Western Dominance, Economic Development, and Globalization, “Basic Logic of Teacher Education Change and Its Future Direction in China,” “The Origin of Governance and Historical Logic of University Governance,” “The Essential and Prospect of the MOOC” and so on.