Zhenguo Yuan

2018-04-10  |   1,238 views

Name: Yuan Zhenguo

Email: zgyuan@admin.ecnu.edu.cn

Department: Faculty of Education


Yuan Zhenguo is a well-known educationalist in China and the full professor of ECNU. He was once the deputy director of Department of Teacher Education of Ministry of Education, the deputy director of Department of Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, the director of National Institute of Education Sciences, the deputy director of the Leading Group Office for National Education System Reform and the secretary-general of National Education Advisory Committee. He is now the dean of Faculty of Education of East China Normal University, the vice president of Chinese Education Society, the deputy director of the Academic Committee of China Association of Higher Education, the deputy director of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy.

He once made a speech themed by “Give Priority to the Development of Education and Build a Strong Country with Rich Human Resource” at the 26th Collective Learning Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.

As an education theory researcher, he is committed to building a new system of pedagogy. His book Contemporary Pedagogy, which has become the national textbook in hundreds of colleges and universities and he was honored the First Award of National Textbook Award for it. He is committed to transforming and popularizing the educational scientific research achievements. His book New Educational Ideas, which has been reprinted for more than 20 times, is rated as China’s most popular bestseller in the field of educational theory. In particular, he is committed to making the scientific research serve decision-making, improving the scientific level of education decision and pioneering to have developed study on educational policy. He has published many influential works, such as Theory on Education Reform, Confrontation and Integration: One Century of World Education Reform, Educational Policy Science (the second prize of the First National Humanities and Social Sciences Research Achievements for Institutions of Higher Education), Changes of China’s Educational Policies, Bridging the Gap: A Major Proposition for China’s Educational Policy and The Great Revelation of Education Reform for Leaping Middle-Income Countries Trap, etc. The Review on China’s Educational Policies, of which he is the editor-in-chief, has been published for 15 years with widespread reputation overseas.