Changxin Zhang

2017-12-13  |   1,356 views

Zhang Changxin


Lecturer of Key Laboratory   of Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation of Department of Educational Rehabilitation Science




Scholarly Interests

Visual and auditory cognitive neuroscience

Speech and language science

Intervention study of auditory cognitive function

Selected Publications

1.The application of virtual reality technology in functional assessment, Psychology Science Progress, 2017.

2.A study on factors affecting competition tests on adults with normal hearing, Journal of Audiology and Speech Pathology, 2017.

3.Attentional Modulation of Informational Masking on Early Cortical Representations of Speech Signals. Hearing Research, 2016.

4.Attentional modulation of the early cortical representation of speech signals in informational or energetic masking. Brain and language, 2014.

5.Stereopsis-Based Binocular Unmasking, Advances In Psychological Science, 2012.