Min Zhang

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Min Zhang


Lecturer of Institute of Educational Economy




Scholarly Interests

Educational Psychology, School Education and Its Management

Selected Publications

published papers:

“On the classification of coding strategies in the teaching of the experimental survey”, “class teacher literacy and class management”, “multiple intelligence and school moral education”, “to promote student exchanges: contemporary school education development of new goals”, ” “,” Foreign school education aspects “and so on.

published works


1.”Social Science Contend for the Department of Education Volume” Shanghai People’s Publishing House 1992,4

2.”Mental Health Research and Guidance” Education Science Press, 2001,6

3.”Multiple Intelligences: Theory, Methodology and Practice” Shanghai Education Press, 2003,6


1.”Life first Bo: college entrance examination psychological preparation 60 days” Jiangxi children’s publishing house second author

2.”Multiple Intelligence Case Study: Students, Teachers and Schools” Shanghai Education Press, 2004,3

3.”Multiple Intelligence: School Moral Education and Management” Shanghai Education Publishing House Publishing 2005,7

4.”Multiple Intelligence and Student Achievement: Six School Success Stories” (Second Translator) Educational Science Press 2003,8