Wanpeng Zhang

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Zhang Wanpeng


Professor of Institute of Educational Economy




Scholarly Interests

Educational economics basic theory, education investment and financing, modern school system, school financial management and management.

Selected Publications

Since 2000, as the first author in the domestic core journals published nearly 20 papers, published in other public journals more than 10 papers, many of which were copied by the National People’s Congress and the full text of the abstract. Published two monographs, involved in the writing of three books, edited two materials, a translation works. In recent years, presided over or participated in the seven national philosophy and social science issues, the Ministry of education key issues and horizontal research work. Sixth Shanghai Education and Research advanced individual, 2005 East China Normal University young teachers teaching skills contest first prize winner.

Published works:

1.Zhang Wanpeng. Analysis of the current situation of China’s secondary vocational education funding and related thinking [J].. Tsinghua University Education Research, 2010,02: 119-124.

2.Zhang Wanpeng, Sun Xue. On the “equalization” and “balanced” thinking [J].. Education and Economy, 2010,04: 31-35.

3.Zhang Wanpeng. American university debt problem control and prevention [J].. Educational Development Research, 2009,07: 47-51.

4.Zhang Wanpeng, Wang Qianghong.Financial education investment and higher education funding needs matching characteristics analysis [J].. Fudan Education Forum, 2009,04: 48-52,62,

5.Zhang Wanpeng. China’s secondary vocational education cost sharing research – based on the status quo, problems, the reasons for the analysis [J].. Education and Economy, 2008,04: 35-39.

6.Zhang Wanpeng, Lu Xiaoyan. On the university loan in the main problem and solve the problem [J].. Fudan Education Forum, 2007,03: 9-11 +21.

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