Zhang Wenguo

2017-12-13  |   531 views

Zhang Wenguo


Assistant Professor of Institute of Educational Economy


+86-21- 62235539


Scholarly Interests

Education law, the main teaching courses “Introduction to Law”, “Economic Law”, “Education Law” and so on.

Selected Publications

1.The absence of the owner and the perfection of the governance structure of the private school, “Educational development research”, 2008 (15-16).

2.An Analysis of the Scope of Insurance Liability of School Liability Insurance, “Ideological and Theoretical Education”, 2008 (4).

3.On the system dilemma and the way out of petition, “Journal of East China Normal University”, 2007 (2).

4.On the school ‘s liability for student injury, “ideological and theoretical education”, 2007 (10).

5.On the Problems of Liability for Students’ Injury Accidents in Tort Liability Law, “School 6.Management in Primary and Secondary Schools”, 2010 (10).

7.Students in the spring break in the responsibility of those who bear, “primary and secondary management”, 2009 (8). NPC copy information “primary and secondary school management” 2009 (12) reproduced.

8.Primary and secondary school students personal injury of the school liability insurance, “primary and secondary management”, 2007 (11). National People’s Congress copy of the “primary and secondary school management” 2008 (3) reproduced.